I’ve switched to Windows and, surprisingly, I’m happy

tl;dr I still use and love my 13″ MacBook Pro, but it’s quite slow for my work and Apple’s most powerful computers are way too expensive. So I switched to desktop PC with Windows 10. It was a good decision.

A bit of history

I was long term Apple laptops user. I bought my first MacBook Air almost 8 years ago. Switch from Linux to Apple’s Mac OS was amazing. No more hardware problems, incompatible drivers and so on. Everything worked as expected.

My next Apple laptop was MacBook Pro. It was (and actually it still is) 13″ 2015 model with Intel i5 processor and 8GB RAM. At that time most of my work was writing web or NodeJS stuff inside Atom/VS Code editor and basic graphics editing. Performance of the machine was perfectly sufficient.

I need more power!

My career as a developer has changed over the time. I started as JavaScript developer but after some time I started creating Java applications. A big Java applications. As most of you know Java itself is really fast but it needs a lot of resources. Especially RAM and CPU if you don’t wanna spend your time waiting for recompile or redeploy. And you know – time is money. I also fucking hate waiting so I decided that I need a new machine.

When you check prices of Apple’s most powerful laptops you’ll see really high numbers. My favorite configuration (15″, i7, 16GB RAM) was about 3400€. That’s an amount of money I don’t wanna spend on a laptop computer. Some of you might suggest that you will get a good build and powerful machine for that price tag. I agree but there are some problems, well actually one big problem – a possibility of hardware upgrades. You spend more than 3000€ and you can’t event replace RAM or SSD disk. Well fuck that, I don’t wanna play this game anymore.

Long story short. After weeks of thinking I visited the local hardware store and bought parts for my new desktop PC. Surprisingly I’m really happy with that decision. My desktop has i7 8700K Intel CPU with 16GB 3200MHz RAM (it will be 32GB in near future) and NVMe SSD from Samsung. Everything is insanely fast.
Price? 1200€ with Windows 10 Pro included (I’ve already owned Monitor and other accessories).
I can post full configuration in the comment if you wish.


I know It’s hard to compare a laptop with a desktop PC. A desktop is about raw power. Otherwise, a laptop is a winner in portability. If you’re planning to replace your computer just don’t stick with one manufacturer. Always think what are your needs. If you need power then maybe you should consider a classic desktop PC. It’s cheaper and more powerful than any laptop on the market.